Sakura Productions is an independent film production company based in Harrogate, specialising in weddings. Our focus is in capturing the unique and intimate moments of each wedding by creating visually dynamic and beautiful memories that each couple can treasure forever.

We approach each wedding creatively, looking at light and shadow contrasts, reflections and unique compositions to create a visually stunning wedding film.

Our work with audio in our films is also extremely important in the postproduction process. We make sure the visuals, the music and the audio work together, to ensure that our films evoke the emotions and atmosphere of the day.

Having come from an indie film background, each wedding is entered into with the mind-set of a piece of art that authentically tells the couples story. We don’t just film as much as possible and cobble something together but take the time to find the right light, right composition and the right moment. We know that this is one of the most important moments of a couple's adventure together, and therefore the importance of getting it right.

We adopt a subtle 'fly on the wall' approach in order to capture the moments as they happen, rather than setting up poses, and therefore are always sure to capture the emotions of the day.

We pride ourselves on our personal approach to every couple and we are passionate about finding the story of the couples and their day, and creating a film that is uniquely theirs.

We take the time to build warm relationships with our couples, which enables us to deliver their vision. The stories we have told this year have been a pleasure and an honour to tell.

"Let us tell your story"

Rachel Burrows
CEO - Sakura Productions


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